About Us

United Roots, in partnership with Urban Peace Movement, launched the DetermiNation youth program in 2012. In Spring 2013 DetermiNation began a collaboration with the Boys & Men of Color Alliance, part of The California Endowment’s “All of our Sons & Brothers” Health Happens Here campaign. DetermiNation program is becoming a youth-led media hub for the Boys & Men of Color Alliance, and the training program is designed to support the success and development of young men of color.

DetermiNation is available for collaboration with other agencies doing Boys & Men of Color programs and projects. DetermiNation is organized by Galen Peterson (Executive Director of United Roots) and Nicole Lee (Executive Director of Urban Peace Movement) and is co-facilitated by Markese Bryant and Adimu Madyun. For more information please email: contactus@determinationmedia.org