Vibrant posters at bus stops throughout Oakland are changing the conversation about the aspirations of the city’s young, black men. The poster series – “#DeterminedTo” – is a project of the DetermiNation Media Group, which was launched in 2012 by United Roots in partnership with Urban Peace Movement. DetermiNation engages Oakland’s young black men striving to achieve their professional, educational, or personal goals. Participants develop media production skills and produce short films, music, and graphic designs to share personal stories and craft a new vision of what is possible for young people of color. DetermiNation is doing a #DeterminedTo campaign from November 10 – 14, 2014, and we are specifically inviting young men of color from across California to tweet a photo of what they are #DeterminedTo do for their communities.

The #DeterminedTo Poster series!

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What Are You “Determined” to do or be?

Let us know on Twitter or any other social media sites by using the #DeterminedTo hashtag and follow us: @DetermiNationMG

Justice for Alex Nieto!

DetermiNation Media Group & Green Eyed Media, in partnership with Blackout for Human Rights Media Collective, just released a video that investigates the killing of Alex Nieto by the San Francisco Police in March of 2014. The video includes Alex Nieto’s friends and family, including the lawyer Adonte Pointer (of the Law Offices of John Burris) that is representing the Nieto family. The video was premiered at a community event on March 21st at the San Francisco Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Please support the campaign “Justice for Alex Nieto” by sharing this video and visiting the webpage:
‪#‎BrownLivesMatter‬ ‪

Affordable Care Act PSA’S

The DetermiNation program produced a series of Obamacare public service announcements (short videos), a project sponsored by Health Happens Here: Get Covered Sons & Brothers (an initiative of The California Endowment). The young men in DetermiNation produced the videos to spread awareness about the Affordable Care Act and to encourage people in their communities to sign up for health care. Following are the three Obamacare PSA’s the young men produced, each with a different theme and focus.

Get your act right, get covered!

Get your body tuned up, not your wallet. Get covered!

Don’t get thrown off your game, get covered!

Be sure to watch the video series on Health Happens Here Youtube Channel!