Determination – The Dashawn Clinton Story

Documentary about the trails and tribulations of a young Black father (Dashawn Clinton) in West Oakland as he is supported by committed staff members from a non-profit Black Men’s group called, DetermiNation. As he overcomes systematic oppression in the criminal justice system, gentrified housing market, and academic system, he uses Orisha lifestyle practices to inspire his personal transformation.

Justice for Alex Nieto

DetermiNation Media Group & Green Eyed Media, in partnership with Blackout for Human Rights Media Collective, just released a video that investigates the killing of Alex Nieto by the San Francisco Police in March of 2014. The video includes Alex Nieto’s friends and family, including the lawyer Adonte Pointer (of the Law Offices of John Burris) that is representing the Nieto family. The video was premiered at a community event on March 21st at the San Francisco Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Please support the campaign “Justice for Alex Nieto” by sharing this video and visiting the webpage:
‪#‎BrownLivesMatter‬ ‪

“2014 Sisters & Brothers at the Capitol” Webisode

The Alliance for Boys & Men of Color converged hundreds of youth and young adults at the California State Capitol from August 4-7, 2014. This video documents the experience of the young men and women that participated in this delegation.

“De’Mario Lewis Story” Webisode

The Alliance for Boys & Men of Color converged hundreds of youth and young adults at the California State Capitol from August 4-7, 2014 for “Sisters & Brothers at the Capitol”. This video documents the experience of De’Mario Lewis, a young adult leader from DetermiNation in Oakland, and highlights his personal transformation as part of the statewide delegation.

“Black Men & The Media” Webisode

Representation of Black men in the media has always been a heated topic. In this video young Black men from Oakland talk about how media has effected them, and what they think about role models both on and off the screen.This video was created by DetermiNation, a Boys & Men of Color media production team at United Roots in partnership with Urban Peace Movement. The project was funded by The California Endowment. Young men from DetermiNation were interviewed throughout the video. Tim Bluit was the lead video editor, assisted by Mike Hubbard, with sound design by Ajman “S.K.A.L.A.” Thrower.

“Fuego en mi Corazon” Webisode

Short video documenting the youth experience at the 2015 Sons and Brothers Camp at Grizzle Creek Camp. This video profiles one young man as he discuss his healing process the camp as he reflects on his father’s death and his family’s decision to cross the border into the United States.

“Determined to Be a Father” Webisode

This webisode is about the real life experience of Dashawn Clinton, a young Black man from Oakland, California. Dashawn must overcomes many challenges so that he can be a father.This video was created by DetermiNation, a Boys & Men of Color media production team at United Roots in partnership with Urban Peace Movement. The project was funded by The California Endowment.Check out more media by DetermiNation at: For more information about the video please email:

Music Videos


Music from Determination Black Men’s Group celebrating the magic, beauty, love and support of Black Women. Featuring Leo Mercer, Deli God, Brotha Peace & WolfHawkJaguar.


Music produced and performed by musicians from Determination Black Men’s group, a program of Urban Peace Movement and United Roots. Directed by Adium Madyun of 393 Films, and filmed & edited by Luis Montoya of Simphony Productions and co-produced by UR Media ( The song features O-zone, Deli God, Malik Omar X, Natural Keys, Leo and Ronnie Bo. The video also features many others, with lead actors Nicole Lee and Dr. Prince White.


The Living Wealthy song is from the DetermiNation music collection and is also featured on WolfHawkJaguar‘s newest album. The song features artists from DetermiNation, including Steve Shankle, S.K.A.L.A, Markese Bryant, Stunts, Malik Hardcastle, Piper, Koran and King Kosh.


Music video for A.S.H.E.S. the Chosen. “Tears in Your Eyes” is part of the #NoMoreTears campaign, and the story is about Denise is a young woman who is raising her child, Carlos, and is being beaten by her boyfriend Mike. She tried to hide it from the world, but mother Tammy warns her that she needs to leave him before it gets too serious. And experimental Narrative Music Video created in collaboration between Green Eyed Media, United Roots, DetermiNation and SMG music.

Short Films

COLOR Correction

Synopsis: Faced with eviction, aspiring filmmaker Aaron Gates (a.k.a. “Lenz”) feels the pressure from his girlfriend to help make rent.  After being confronted with stereotypes in his academic, professional and personal life, Lenz is faced with a life-altering decision that will determine whether he shoots a derogatory music video, or disrupts the cycle of violence he sees in his community.

Premise: In order to survive as a black artist in America, one must choose to create art for the dominate audience or prioritizing the social agenda of his community. Often times, we have to have true conviction in our own beliefs to challenge the elitist structures

The Color Correction short film was produced by DetermINation Media Group and Green Eyed Media in collaboration with United Roots. The film is goes with a curriculum for use by groups that are part of the Alliance for Boys & Men of Color in California and is available for use by agencies that work with youth media makers and companies that do art for social change. To get the curriculum please email:

“Under the Gun” Short Film

Demario Williams, a young from East Oakland, was interested in making a film about how children were getting murdered in Bay Area communities (i.e. there were three specific cases of actual children being killed in 2012). Demario started the film project in fall 2012 working with Youth Uprising, and began to interview community leaders, like Oakland Mayor Jean Quann, about how the City of Oakland was addressing the issue. Soon after beginning the film project Demario was with his cousin and when he was gunned down by unknown assailants and Demario’s cousin was killed as he put his body in front of Demario (during the shooting), while another man was killed during the same incident. Demario was shot multiple times, and after a couple months of physical rehabilitation he decided to continue making the film. In January 2013 Demario, working with Rafael Flores from Youth Uprising, partnered with United Roots to expand the project and focus the film on the experience of Demario being shot during the film making process. United Roots had recently been in conversation with The California Endowment and was gearing up to start media production for the Boys & Men of Color campaign. Galen Peterson, Co-Executive Director of United Roots, worked with Rafael Flores to create a youth media production team that could support Demario in expanding his film project to explore larger issues facing young men of color in urban communities connected to the work of the Boys and Men of Color campaign. The partnership between Youth Uprising and United Roots represented the unity between youth living in neighborhoods in East and West Oakland, and was connected to the mission of the Turf Unity Project. To support Demario United Roots and Youth Uprising put together a film production crew that consisted of a group of young men of color from throughout Oakland (young men from the Boys & Men of Color media production team at United Roots), with one young woman of color assisting. Green Eyed Media and Tree House Films also offered training to youth production crew and gave youth access to their professional film gear when needed. Luis Montoya, a youth film maker working at United Roots, teamed up with Demario to lead the film making process, and throughout February and March they were able to film further interviews with community leaders (like Oakland Police Department Police Chief), create a re-enactment of the actual shooting with the family members involved, document the grieving process of the family and convey how United Roots and Youth Uprising came together to support this film project. The audience for this film are people living in communities affected by violence, specifically young men of color that have been directly affected by shootings. The film is from the perspective of Demario and offers people a unique view point about the violence currently happening in inner-city neighborhoods.If you are interested in screening this film please contact the Director & Filmmaker of Under the Gun, Demario Williams ( or Galen Peterson, Executive Director of United Roots & coordinator of Boys & Men of Color Media Production group in Oakland (

This video is not public at this time, if you are interested in a screening of the video you please Email:

“The Voyage” Short Film

Description: The Voyage is a short film about the immigration experience, produced by a group of Latino and Asian youth from East Oakland, California. The project was led by aspiring filmmaker Gabriela Huerta, age 18, with Luis Montoya and Xinh Bui of Simphony Productions. The film was produced by East Oakland Building Healthy Communities (The California Endowment), which hired Simphony Productions, a youth-run film company operating out of United Roots and currently launching a social enterprise with support from Youth SEED.Plot Synopsis: Angelica is young girl from Mexico who is told by her parents that their voyage to the U.S. has been decided. Angelica leaves her childhood behind in Mexico and hopes for a brighter future with her parents in the “Free World”. Angelica and her family meet up with the coyote who will cross them to the U.S. However during the process they get split up and chased down by the border patrol. Despite all odds Angelica and her family are determined to get to the U.S.

“Restorative Justice & The Community” Short Film

This short documentary film was produced by DetermiNation Media Group, a young Black men’s group funded by The California Endowment that is creating media for the Boys & Men of Color Campaign. The film was directed, filmed and edited by Kayvaun Rodgers of Warfield Media, a member of the DetermiNation group at United Roots organization in Oakland (a program in partnership with Urban Peace Movement). In June 2013 Kayvaun Rodgers (of the DetermiNation group) and Nicole Lee (coordinator of the DetermiNation group and Executive Director of Urban Peace Movement) participated in an Oakland delegation to the National Conference on Restorative Justice. The trip was sponsored by The California Endowment, and other groups from Oakland attended the conference, like RJOY (Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth) and East Oakland Building Healthy Communities. The short film is a first-person narrative by Kayvaun about his experience traveling to and participating in the conference. The film includes interviews with Ericka Huggins, Jerry Elster, Dedan Gills and Lee Simmons.

BMOC Training Videos

101 “Boys and Men of Color 101 Activities: Be A Man Box & Tree of Strengths”

102 “Boys and Men of Color 102 Activity: Identity Masks”

Facilitation “Boys and Men of Color Leadership Academy Training Highlights”