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DetermiNation is recruiting new members for our next cohort starting Friday, September 13th. If you are a young Black man between the ages of 16-25 you can apply today by clicking here

Determination Group 10PROGRAM DESCRIPTION
DetermiNation is a program designed to support the success and development of young African American males (ages 16-24) from the Oakland area. The program is especially tailored to support young men who are struggling to advance in their own life goals (such as employment, career, educational, or other personal goals) and who have been formerly involved in or in close proximity to the “street life”.

Members of the DetermiNation program have completed various community projects during the last couple of years. Members have been trained by industry professionals to produce music videos, short films, posters, fliers and more. There are paid opportunities for members of DetermiNation to do media production and organize community events. One of the most well known projects completed last year was a DetermiNation poster series that was turned into bus transit billboards throughout the City of Oakland.

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WEEKLY SESSIONS: Connect with other young Black men from the Oakland area at the weekly trainings (dinners provided and receive $15 of petty cash, a per diem, for travel expenses) at United Roots’ Youth Impact Hub.

Weekly Sessions 2

MENTORSHIP: Receive mentorship and coaching to pursue individual life-goals (such as employment, career, or educational goals, wellness goals, housing goals, etc.).


CULTURAL EDUCATION: Learn about Black history and culture, as well as the legacy of the Black community in Oakland. Participate in workshops and trainings to develop skills, and launch projects that will uplift and engage other community members.

Weekly Sessions small

MEDIA PRODUCTION TRAINING: Learn about media production to further develop skills for creating short films (multimedia journalism), music, posters, online graphics, websites, etc. Be supported with producing and distributing media produced as part of this training, and receive $15 in petty cash (a per diem) for travel and food when participating in media production trainings outside of weekly sessions, as well as paid contracts for completing major media projects.

SOCIAL JUSTICE ORGANIZING: Participate in leadership training and get involved in local and statewide social justice campaigns. Meet bi-monthly with a group of youth leaders to plan and organize events, and receive stipends (travel & food per diem), as well as paid contracts for organizing events.

EVENTS & TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES: Connect with other youth groups from around California to showcase media projects, with some opportunities for travel. These opportunities are in partnership with the Alliance for Boys & Men of Color, and part of the Health Happens Here: For All Our Sons & Brothers.


Program Length: September 2019 through May 2020

Weekly Sessions (Mandatory): Friday sessions from 4-7pm

Media Training & Social Justice Organizing (Optional): Weekly cohort meetings and media training programs

Paid Opportunities:
• $15 per diem stipend for travel & food for attending the weekly circle
• $25 per diem stipend for travel & food when participating in social justice working groups
• paid contracts for producing media and/or organizing social justice community events

Location: 2781 Telegraph ave, Oakland, CA 94612
Most workshops and trainings occur at United RootsYouth Impact Hub, a co-working office space for young entrepreneurs ages 16-25 that includes media lab and tech equipment. For a virtual tour of the facility click here

DetermiNation is recruiting new members for our next cohort starting Friday, September 13th. If you are a young Black man between the ages of 16-24 you can apply today by clicking here

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